Yesterday at the pool…


1. I did a great water workout tonight. Although there technically isn’t any water walking classes I just walked around the pool with my tube around me. I couldn’t go against the current so I did laps of forwards, backwards, side ways, and leg stretches. Very relaxing and can be done at anytime. Score!

2.  I love that have a pool pass. It makes coming here for an hour or two totally worth it and guilt free.

3.  To all those moms out there… Please don’t worry about how you look in a bathing suit. I feel every mom looks fine and even cute when they are using fun splashing around with their smiling Children.

4.  That being said. There is nothing hotter than seeing a young man (around my age) having fun with children. That is so incredibly cute and attractive.  Such a turn on. Keep up that attitude and you will find a kind woman with a large heart. Don’t let frat boys and life ruin you.

5.  Just try going to the movies alone. Try it. At least once.


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