Hungover with frustration


Do you ever just feel nasty? And by nasty I don’t mean sexually, I mean feeling mean. Sometimes i just don’t care. I had a good day overall, but the afternoon dragged on a bit.

I worked at Sylvan tonight and was very happy and cheery. I related well socially and was really on top of my game. The kids were so good and I handled a crying kid and their parent really well. I bonded with my co-workers and even tolerated the other admin that was double scheduled with me. I got a ton done.

After that I worked out which was good. I started on the stair master since I hate that one the most. its not that i hate it – it just works me the most. Then I did 20 min on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the treadmill. I watched Cake Boss and Kate+8.

I got home and was feeling very tired and hungry. The problem is that I am hungry but nothing seems appetizing. Everything looks gross or smells or requires a large amount of cook time. I couldn’t even drink a smoothie but my stomach is grumbling. I have no energy and I am hungry – but I cant eat.

I kinda feel hungover (ish).


It really bothers me that after I go on a date with chad – I hear from him the day after but thats it. I know he is busy and doing family stuff, but really – he couldn’t find two  minutes to text me? It makes me angry. I deserve more. I want to talk to him about it – but hello! I cant get a hold of him! So frustrating.


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