Quotes from the documentary “the most hated family in america”


The Most Hated Family In America
Westboro Baptist Church

“funerals are worshipping the dead”

“the commandment has gone forth, america is doomed”

“You love fags, you hate god, so just shut up”

“you are a rebellious rat”

“You anger the Lord your God and now he has cursed your family”

“we tell them you are going to hell”

“If they are offended by the judgements we make.. that means they hate gods word and they are headed for hell”

“God hates fags”

“Dianna split hell wide open when she died”

“thank god for 9/11”

“these people hate god and worship the rectum”

“Jew Fags”

“Thats what this generation is all about – fornicating”

7 year old “its a nation of fags, fag soldiers, fag nation. If you support fags you are a dyke”

“YOu don’t get tired of pursing your sins and your lust”

“Should I be killed for having intercourse out of wedlock” “I think so”

“The lord will vindicate his people and carry out his wrath. He is perfect”

“God himself is America’s terrorist”

“you are just too dumb – im sorry” – the pastor

“Not a chance, poopy pants”

“You are just being silly and specious”

“you are just trying to turn yourself into God”

“I am the church”

“you are supposed to rejoice over all of God;s judgement”

“i rejoice when people get killed in war from our military”

“They hate us. What did we do to them? Nothing but a courtesy”

“I laugh at the thought of you going to hell because I know you are a scoffer and a mocker”

wow. all i can say is wow. there were point int he movie when my jaw was just open for minute at a time.


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