Ray LaMontagne


Tonight I turned on my TV and VH1 story tellers was on. I decided to keep it on because the song that was playing I liked. I planned to just find out who it was and then turn on my movie and move on with my life.

Its very rare for me to find an artist that I can instantly connect with. This was one of those experiences. Ray has a raspy voice and a good mellow guitar/drum/harmonica entourage.

Here I am, writing about it feeling so very engulfed in the feeling of the music. It snapped me into a deep, insightful mood. His lyrics speak to me. I love the words, the rhythm, melody, instruments – everything. Its the type of music I woud not listen to on the way to a party, but something I might turn on when I am about to read a book or think about who I am and where I am in my life.

I will be the first to admin – sometimes the music I listen to has no meaning to it (or no insightful meaning). So when I can find an artist with music that does this to me I must stop and listen to it. I cant pass this up. I am excited to download his music and sit and liste to it while reading the lyrics.

Try out


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