Horses, Horses, Horses…


So.. On campus at ISU we have lots of programs and initiatives centered around agriculture, animals, and Vet Med. I absolutely love it and in turn we have some cool perks. One of which is there is a huge horse barn on the north side of campus. They are near a pretty central intersection so they are easy to see if ever you come to ISU.

I first discovered these horses when Charlie/Candy Mountain came out on YouTube. My friends and I made a rap and went to hang out with the horses on campus late at night. We brought them lettuce and carrots and had a great time. I think the videos are on Facebook if you wanted to have a giggle.

My love for horses started then. I thought they were so fascinating and interesting. I always wondered what they were thinking and for some reason to me their eyes just seem sad. That next summer I took horse riding lessons that ended up being quite therapeutic for me. It was amazing to be at one with the horses body – to close your eyes and know which of their legs are moving and if their leg is going up or down. Beautiful creatures.

So today when I went on a walk during my lunch break, I decided to stop by the horses. Ive seen this particular horse before being restless and kind of pacing along the fence. Today it was just standing there, reaching its neck over the fence. I decided to walk up to it and touch its stomach. For some reason the horse mouth still freaks me out a bit, with their very large teeth. I stood by this horse for about 15 minutes. Watching it twitch to get the flys off, stomping its feet, and gnawing on the wooden fence. He (yes, he) seemed very nervous and annoyed by the flys. He was also very dirty. After petting him my hand was black and losing a lot of hair. He was also reaching down on his — what I would call shin area — and there was a rough dry spot. He keep scratching at that or rubbing his body on the fence. I felt so bad for him. He looked like he needed a good washing, a flee spray, and a good combing through his mane.

I want to know who is in charge of those horses and why they let them get like that. I have heard that they use the horses for experiments on campus – but they must be humane because I doubt the students would be able to do that if it was not. I hope.

Anyways – here is a picture of the lovely horse I spent some of my lunch break with today 🙂


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