friends – or so I thought


Its hard when you think you have friends but then they treat yu like crap. I am smart enough to realize when I am being put down, so I am not sure why people think they can do that to me. If you do not like how I made the margarita, make your own fucking margarita. I think I just need to start speaking up instead of ignoring the issue. For example, if someone gives me shit about buying non name brand season salt – but then they try to use it – i should take it out of their fucking hands. Do not insult if you are going to want it later.

I need to start using words like rude, disrespectful, judge. No more excuses. I made enough excuses for people in my past – I dont need to continue on doing that.

I may seem like I have high standards, but that’s because I do. 😉 and if you are reading this blog – you have passed the standard test.

I hate when my friends get in a big group and start to act differently. Just be yourself. That is only difficult if you do not know who you are or you know who you are but you are too afraid to show it. I used to be like that but it takes too much energy to be different people/personalities. I wish people would just get with it already. Its not like we are 18 years old here.


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  1. Sometimes we piss each other off, but the great things is that we are strong enough to have a conversation about it, fix it, and then move on.

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