Money, Money, Money


Its funny that now that I have a job I feel like I have less money. My biggest flaws are going out to eat and shopping (clothes, but mostly house ware stuff). I like to have fun which is also a part of it. I like to go to movies if I am bored, go out with friends to drink, or have random BBQ’s at a friends house. This makes my life interesting, but means I spend a lot. This month is especially hard because I started personal training appointments again (which up front was 700 bucks, another 700 next month) and then my first car payment. Ek. I hate that I get payed once a month. Its really hard to budget for the next 30 days. I try to get all my bills payed right away which helps but geeze. It sucks. I would also like to get new glasses this month – but its been a pricey month 😦 I culd put it on credit, but I dont want to fall too deep into those habits. My dad taught me a lot about money/spending/saving so I dont want to throw that all to the wind — but I want new glasses! 😉


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